All through his life Quintus Jan Telting was uncompromising in his artistic endeavour and expression. “You are an artist and you simply continue … there has to be constant tension. You must never know for certain that you can do what you want to do. It has to be a challenge, it’s a fight all the way and the deeper you go into it the more difficult and also dangerous it becomes”.

02Jan-Porträt103As mentioned earlier, Quintus Jan Telting’s work had an outspoken social and political message in the sixties and seventies.

“I am an artist and being black I find it my duty, since I have a gift to create, to create with a purpose. And so I took it upon me to paint about us … the black people, its struggle its resistance and its awakening. And so I directed myself towards that purpose and the more you direct yourself towards it the more you take a stance”.

In the later years the message may have moderated or even seemingly have disappeared. Yet, the human condition and “this  magnificent chaos that is the world” permeated his creative senses throughout his life and can be said to have been a driving force.

Quintus Jan Telting’s oeuvre is characterized by its dynamism, change and movement.

 “I continuously gain new inspiration through the big changes in the dynamics of time. I again refer to the dynamics of time, it is extremely tangible with me and very inspiring”.


Moving onwards into the eighties and nineties Quintus Jan Telting speaks of creating an optical illusion or contraption on a flat surface. He points out that “the fact already that the optical illusion gives you something hanging in midair which is moving towards you. You don’t exactly know what it is and looking closer you see legs where there are not supposed to be legs and yet they are there and they aren’t disturbing and then you see … if you go on a distance ... you see shapes, shapes that are organic and that stimulate your fantasy and that is very important for me. It has to stimulate and motivate my fantasy, you see. There are people who say the work is aggressive etcetera and that it brings about provocative thoughts. Well, that is not at all the intention it is just the opposite. I want to motivate people with my work and stimulate their fantasy”.

Entering the second millennium it is as if Q.Jan Telting’s work reaches a stage of subliminal harmony. The artist having attained his summon of artistic accomplishment. No longer is his creative expression the result of vehement struggle to overcome abysmal challenge. Instead it transcends, goes beyond and renders us the real and unchanging essence of being.

His works feature on stamps and in various Art Books.


      ”I want to motivate people with my work and stimulate their fantasy”.


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